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ZeroDown® Software: Your High Availability Control Point for Hybrid and Multi Cloud

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“XMS has been working with the ZeroDown team through our relationship with Dell since 2012 and the number of use cases their ZeroDown product line solves continues to amaze me. From migration to true Business Continuity and Multi-Cloud processing…  it has to be seen to be believed.” 

Syd Shepherd

“The Always Available™ Solution: The only way in which to keep all four of our Data Centers completely identical is to use ZeroDown™ Software. Its ability to update all changes to data, text and other essential information resources in real-time across asynchronous distances with no potential data loss makes Phenix’s requirements possible. It also eliminates the downtime that would normally be required to sync the data between remote locations.”

Bruce Perrin, COO
Phenix Energy Group, Inc.

“We installed the ZeroDown software in three sites and it was very straightforward, the software worked as advertised.

Sherif Shehata
Director, Video Technology at Verizon

“The ability to provide seamless, 100% uptime via the ZeroNines software and its feature which allows hardware agnostic connectivity, provides us with a stable and flexible cloud solution. As an added benefit, the software is not locked into a single storage platform so our customers still have freedom of choice and now has the ability to communicate to different storage platforms at the same time.”

Gary Phillips

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