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229 players win a high multiplier in The Money Drop Live

229 players win a high multiplier in The Money Drop Live

The Money Drop Live is one of the best-known live casino games from the game developer Playtech. Recently the game got a lot of attention, as a mega prize was paid out. A multiplier of 1000 times fell in the live casino game. The Money Drop Live was launched by Playtech in 2021 and is based on the famous television game 'The Million Pound.' The game show is currently no longer shown on British television.

Card Clash bonus game

Playtech released a video showing how the 1000 times multiplier was achieved. This is because the contestants unlocked the 'Card Clash' bonus game. The presenter then drew three ties, or matches. As a result, the multiplier came to 1,000 times. As many as 229 different players, therefore, won a high prize. Every 1.00 euro bet was good for a prize of 1000.00 euros. The player will play a game with a prize wheel in The Money Drop Live. On it are various bonus games, including the 4 Drop Zones and the Card Clash. It is also possible for participants to place bets on simple side-bets, which can be used to win small amounts of money. The Money Drop Live can be played at the Holland Casino Online. If this is your first time hearing about Card Clash, read about the game on our website

Game provider Playtech

The game provider Playtech is one of the largest casino software companies in the world. The company has a huge range of games of chance, for example, online slots, table games, and live casino games. Playtech has been working with Holland Casino for a very long time, but its games are also available at other legal online casinos in the Netherlands. Soon, with Everybody's Jackpot Live, another brand new game show from Playtech will appear in the online casino.