Always Available Business Continuity for Web Apps

Prevent downtime and cut business continuity costs with one solution that works with your existing systems

Always Available™ technology from ZeroNines® is genuine active-active multi-site replication that protects against expensive outages, lost transactions and lost data. Always Available can provide virtually 100% uptime for Web apps and the data that drives them because it processes all Web app transactions and data exchanges equally, simultaneously, and identically among multiple web servers, Clouds, data centers, and hosting providers anywhere across the globe. It is true active-active real-time application replication in multiple sites.

In technical terms, Always Available technology prevents downtime through redundant zones and redundant transaction processing paths. Automated journaling and auditing features enable all zones to update each other continually so all are always at the same logical state. If one goes offline, it just drops out of the array and the others simply keep processing until it is replaced. Once a damaged server is repaired and added back into the array, the surviving servers automatically update it.

The zones in an Always Available array can be any distance apart, even on opposite sides of the globe. Compare that to some disaster recovery systems that use the backup and failover model, in which the servers must be within a few kilometers of each other and may be vulnerable to the same disaster.


  • Provides virtually 100% uptime for Web apps
  • Helps prevent costly outages and improves customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Protects in-flight transactions and data: Even if a server goes down while transaction data is in-flight, the transaction is completed and logged in other server locations.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • Cuts disaster management costs: Replaces high and unpredictable cost of outages with consistent, predictable costs for business continuity software. ZeroNines pricing is stated in full right up front.
  • Works with your existing operating system, apps, software, and hardware: No delays, expense, or re-working of business processes to benefit from Always Available.
  • Expandable to Cloud, virtual environments, traditional hosting: Always Available is flexible to grow with your business. Start with web apps and expand Always Available protection to any systems you like, anywhere. Mix and match hosting environments.
  • Easy deployment: Can be installed by a low- to mid-level admin.


  • Genuine Active-Active Real-time Application Replication in Multiple Sites: All applications run in multiple locations equally, simultaneously, and identically. If one server quits, the others simply keep processing.
  • Guaranteed message delivery, data authorization, journaling, and synchronization: All ensure that every transaction is completed and logged, and that only one response is sent to the client.
  • Operates at the transaction level: No need to change software, hardware, or operating system.
  • The journal records all transactions in all locations for audit and recovery purposes. If one node or location is irretrievably damaged, all transactions are effectively “backed up” on the others.
  • Automatic update: After a site goes down and is subsequently restored, the Always Available software uses the patented journal to automatically rebuild transactions “lost in flight”.
  • Bring any number of nodes, zones, or locations under one Always Available umbrella.
  • Natively supports HTTP, POP3, and SMTP protocols.
  • Mix & match with cloud apps, standard hosting, etc.
  • No effect on network performance – won’t slow it down.
  • Full installation documentation provided.

Always Available Installation Documents

The following three documents guide you through the installation of the Always Available software. Contact your ZeroDown Software Sales Representative at for access to the software itself.

Step-by-step guide for installing the base operating system required to run the Always Available software: CentOS 6.
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Step-by-step guide for installing the Always Available software in a Standard or “Proof of Concept” configuration.
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Step-by-step guide for installing the Always Available software in a Multi-Tenant, Multi-Application or “MSP” (Managed Service Provider” configuration.
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Always Available Installation Videos

The following videos walk you through the installation of the Always Available software.

Video 1 – ZeroNines® Install Procedure, Master Console

In support of ZeroNines Always Available Software Version AAv7_1

Video 2 – ZeroNines® Install Procedure, Configuration Appliances

In support of ZeroNines Always Available Software Version AAv7_1

Video 3 – Attaching Application Servers to ZeroNines®

In support of ZeroNines Always Available Software Version AAv7_1

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