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January 15, 2019

ZeroDown® Software and Movere Announce Plans to Partner on Automated End to-End Migration Solutions for Azure Stack

January 15, 2019 – Movere™ and ZeroDown® Software announced an agreement today to partner together on building application migration solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack. The two organizations plan to leverage their complementary tools, technologies and partner channels to enable a fully integrated and automated end-to-end migration solution for Azure Stack customers. Their combined P2P offering will cover all phases of deployment from Discovery and Assessment through Migration to Run/Operate and Workload Optimization in the Cloud.

Movere solves customer problems related to cloud readiness and environment discovery. Moving legacy applications from traditional IT infrastructures can be fraught with errors and delays. To kick-start this process, Movere automates the secure collection and presentation of IT data across one or many domains within hours. By performing dynamic assessments of the environment, on-premises, virtual and cloud, at a rate of up to 1,000 servers per hour, Movere accelerates the discovery phase. For migration planning, this enables clients to assess and analyze the Actual Resource Consumption (ARC) of their environment so that they can right-size their Azure cloud configuration right from the start. Running Movere regularly throughout the course of the migration process ensures that no data, apps or users are left behind.

For migration, ZeroDown® Software’s patented and unique architecture delivers high availability and business continuity with the assurance of continuous uptime. By enabling active-active instances of critical applications across two or more environments or platforms, the software eliminates the risks of downtime and lost-in-flight transactions inherent in typical cloud migration solutions. Since live transactions and data are being synched up continuously, applications can be rolled back to any available site providing unparalleled business assurance throughout the customer’s cloud journey.

Once migration is complete, the two applications will continue to help customers run and manage their applications in Azure Stack. ZeroDown® Software ensures uninterrupted operation of workloads while Movere provides a platform to track consumption and usage as a way to identify optimization and modernization opportunities going forward. By deploying applications and services to one or more Azure Stack stamps you can also scale up and/or provision more high availability protection whenever and wherever this is needed.

“The partnership between ZeroDown® Software and Movere opens up a safe and rapid pathway to migrate applications to Azure Stack and provides a great example of a 1+1=3 solution for Microsoft partners and customers” said Alan Gin, ZeroDown Software co-founder, and CEO. “Movere’s proven expertise in automated discovery when coupled with ZeroDown® Software’s high availability solutions provides IT organizations with the capabilities and assurances they need to modernize their critical productivity applications and move them to the cloud.”

“This new partnership represents a strong addition to our partner ecosystem, designed to deliver best in breed solutions to both Microsoft partners and customers,” added Christina Klein, Chief Revenue Officer of Movere. “The combined solution will further enable our customers to target a smooth and rapid move to Microsoft Azure Stack with complete awareness of, and confidence in, their evolving IT infrastructure.”

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