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November 30, 2021

ZeroDown Software Targets Open Source with New Canonical Partnership

ZeroDown’s Ultra High-Availability built upon Canonical’s Ubuntu Eliminates Downtime for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

November 30, 2021 – ZeroDown® takes aim at addressing business continuance requirements in the open-source community by forming a new partnership with Canonical focused on simplifying and improving application high availability across multi-cloud architectures, consisting of common public cloud infrastructure and cost-effective private cloud.

As businesses around the world and in every major industry define and accelerate their cloud strategies, the lack of open, flexible and complete high availability has become a major concern. The ZeroDown platform, built upon Canonical’s industry-leading operating system, Ubuntu, aims at integrating into Canonical’s broader Charmed OpenStack platform with its ZeroDown Ultra High-Availability TM Software, eliminating downtime and data loss for its customers, running seamlessly through planned or unplanned downtime events.

 “ZeroDown’s commitment to assist with its industry leading Ultra HA™ software compliments Canonical’s charter to deliver solutions that are enterprise-class, cost-effective and comprehensive.” Mark Lewis, VP of ISVs at Canonical

Charmed OpenStack
Ever increasing demand for multi-cloud architectures is driven by organizations constantly trying to optimize their infrastructure costs to make sure that they only use as many resources as needed and pay less for them. This is where Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack has defined the industry for multi-cloud architecture, combining the benefits of common public cloud infrastructure and cost-effective private cloud to save IT up to 60% or more compared to standard public cloud offerings.

ZeroDown Ultra HA™ Software
ZeroDown’s Always Available™ software is the industry’s first non-intrusive, agent-less, hardware-agnostic software solution optimized for multi-cloud environments. ZeroDown software continuously journals and automatically syncs every transaction across 1+n locations – the result is IT can now eliminate data loss and maintain continuous availability if any application instance goes offline for any reason, planned or unplanned. Through integration with Canonical, ZeroDown is now able to deliver continuous high availability across open-source and standard public, private and hybrid cloud offerings.

“Charmed OpenStack has proven to reduce significantly the cost of cloud computing, and ZeroDown presents a methodology to mitigate the risk associated with planned or unplanned downtime, which is an area of critical importance as enterprises move towards open-source adoption,” said Mark Lewis, VP of ISVs at Canonical. “ ZeroDown’s commitment to assist with its industry leading Ultra HA™ software compliments Canonical’s charter to deliver solutions that are enterprise-class, cost-effective and comprehensive. ZeroDown’s platform agnostic approach enables customers to run their critical apps and workloads across clouds and on-premises simultaneously or any combination they choose.”

Our partnering with Canonical is such a natural fit since we are already using Ubuntu to support our platform-agnostic, cross-cloud capabilities.” says Alan Gin, Founder and CEO of ZeroDown Software. “The addition of Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack will extend our high availability solutions to enterprise customers requiring risk-free and reliable ways to develop and run key workloads and business critical applications on the platform of their choice.”

The combination of ZeroDown Software and Canonical will offer new-to-the-industry solutions for businesses seeking to adopt an enterprise-class, hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure powered by open-source capabilities that come complete with a built-in safety net to protect against data loss and downtime.

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About ZeroDown Software
ZeroDown® Software provides Ultra High Availability™ solutions for hybrid and multi-cloud. ZeroDown’s patented Always Available™ technology brings resilience to business applications running on any IT infrastructure, protecting transactions and data with zero downtime. For more information, please visit

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