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August 6, 2018

ZeroDown® Software and T4S Partners Establish Safety Net to Move Critical Workloads to Azure Stack

August 6, 2018 – T4S Partners and ZeroDown Software announced an agreement today to extend methodologies and tools that will help customers move their critical workloads to Microsoft Azure Stack. The two organizations plan to leverage ZeroDown’s proven and patented high availability (HA for Azure Stack) technology, combined with T4S’s expertise and strong support focus on Microsoft products and services, to help modernize applications for cloud-based business operations.

One of the most significant hurdles in enterprise cloud adoption has been the business risks of cloud migration – a task that necessitates moving massive amounts of data securely to a different environment and new mode of operations. Until now, moving applications from traditional infrastructure can take considerable time and result in slowdowns and service interruptions. So, despite the cost advantages and agility of cloud-based services, companies have been slow to reap the benefits. The new partnership between ZeroDown Software and T4S Partners is designed to open up a safe and secure pathway for customers to complete their cloud journey.

ZeroDown Software’s patented and unique architecture delivers business continuity with the assurance of continuous uptime in an easy to manage, instantly deployable package. It acts as a true, managed solution bridge to Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack, other cloud or hybrid platforms, providing day-one readiness for multi-cloud deployments with significantly reduced cycle times. By enabling the migrator to run active-active instances of critical applications in multiple zones concurrently, the software eliminates the risks of downtime and lost-in-flight transactions inherent in typical cloud migration solutions. Since live transactions and data are being synched up continuously, applications can be rolled back to any available site providing unparalleled business cloud assurance. All of this can be made available across multiple cloud platforms, using ZeroDown’s lock-in free high availability architecture.

“We are delighted to announce the integration of ZeroDown Software into T4S’s suite of strategic cloud offerings,” said Alan Gin, ZeroDown Software co-founder, and CEO. “The combination of our technology with T4S’s knowledge and skills in implementing best-in-class Microsoft solutions, will provide IT organizations with the business assurance and expertise they need to modernize their critical productivity applications and move them to Azure Stack.”

“The partnership with ZeroDown Software represents a natural evolution of what we are doing today with helping clients plan, build, and deliver cloud-enabled modernized applications and services,” added Rob Ash, Managing Partner and CEO of T4S Partners. “ZeroDown’s technology and strong relationship with Microsoft will further enable our clients to target an aggressive, rapid, and non-disruptive move to Microsoft Azure Stack with complete confidence in the resiliency of their IT infrastructure.”

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