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July 14, 2017

CloudSAFE leverages ZeroDown® Software to provide Cloud Migration Services to AWS, Azure and CloudSAFE Hosted Private Cloud

Migrating to the public cloud can be a significant challenge for organizations with existing infrastructure. Moving data and applications from legacy systems can take months and cause slowdown and service interruption.

CloudSAFE has teamed up with ZeroNines to offer organizations a secure, uninterrupted migration to the cloud. Leveraging the power of ZeroDown® Software Always Available® technology, organizations can realize their cloud strategies with no interruption to applications. No longer is cloud adoption and infrastructure migration a long and cumbersome process.

“Many organizations have private, public and/or hybrid cloud as part of their IT strategy, but face a tremendous challenge moving data and applications to AWS, Azure or CloudSAFE, especially when their legacy infrastructure is not homogeneous”, said Michael Butz Sr, Founder and CEO, CloudSAFE. “ZeroNines’ ZeroDown® software enables CloudSAFE to offer a quick, reliable option to our customers who need to leverage the public and/or hosted private cloud resources.”

ZeroDown® Software bases their entire suite of technologies and services around full business continuity and (surprise) zero downtime operation. Their migration tool not only prevents service interruption during migration, but synchronizes incoming transactions once the application(s) and data are transferred, preventing any potential consensus issues between each node in the network of servers it allows you to set up – which brings us to the other massive advantage of the ZeroDown® migration system – the ability to run concurrent, redundant application nodes on heterogeneous hardware and cloud platforms seamlessly within their ecosystem, with full business continuity – a practice they are fast making the industry standard.

CloudSAFE believes the cloud is not one-size-fits-all. The solution that works well for one organization may not be right for another. CloudSAFE offers hosted private cloud, hybrid cloud and IT Business Continuity solutions for organizations of all sizes. Achieving your IT strategy should not be a daunting task limited only to the very large enterprise. CloudSAFE offers services that are easily available to all organizations. And now, with ZeroDown® Software, organizations can painlessly leverage the advantages of AWS, Azure and CloudSAFE Hosted Private Cloud.

About ZERODOWN® Software and ZeroNines® Technology, Inc.

ZeroDown® Software technology provides businesses with continuous access to their company data via their Business Continuity as a Service architecture, protecting applications, and transactions in the event of network interruptions that would normally cripple the enterprise. They make this environment accessible through their Patented Application Migration as a Service software, lowering barriers to entry on cloud applications and infrastructure by eliminating downtime and replay issues inherent in other cloud migration systems. ZeroDown® breaks away from traditional disaster recovery by empowering organizations of any size with new business continuity standard: virtually unbroken continuous uptime, delivered in an easy to manage, instantly deployable multi-cloud package via AMaaS™ Migration. ZeroNines’ technology leverages and maximizes customers’ current processing and storage infrastructure by operating agnostically across multiple platforms, thereby shifting the paradigm to true multi-cloud with one-click, containerized migration and deployment. ZeroDown® offers proprietary BCaaS™ architecture information security and availability solutions. For further information, please visit:

About CloudSAFE, Ltd.

CloudSAFE Ltd., headquartered in Southfield Michigan, provides cloud computing innovation specializing in private and hybrid cloud solutions. In addition to Infrastructure as a Service solutions and hybrid cloud appliances, CloudSAFE provides cloud based Data Backup, Disaster-Recovery, and Disaster Avoidance solutions. With expert 24/7 technical support and continuous monitoring, CloudSAFE allows users to confidently work from anywhere with an Internet connection. CloudSAFE’s suite of products and services are available through approved resellers in their certified partner network. Learn more at

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