Migrating from Azure Stack to Open Stack

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Do you have a mandate to migrate to open source/OpenStack and need high availability data protection? If your environment includes critical applications and systems that cannot tolerate any downtime without significant impact to your business operations, then Carbonite’s backup protection and ZeroDown Software’s ultra high availability solution can help. Read more…

Uplift Azure Stack HCI Deployments to Zero Downtime

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Microsoft Azure Stack HCI powers many of the world’s leading business-critical applications today. For these organizations, the cost of any downtime for critical applications running in the Azure Stack hyperconverged infrastructure can run to hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour, while prolonged outages can cost the business up to 12X more than the cost of downtime in overall shareholder value. Read more…

Always Available with KnectIQ CyberStepZero and ZeroDown Ultra-High Availability 

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Trust is possible with a fresh approach. Critical infrastructure and sensitive data can be Ultra-Secure and Always Available with KnectIQ CyberStepZero™ and ZeroDown Ultra-High Availability™. Read more…