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ZeroNines has the following whitepapers available online.

ZeroNines Technology Architecture Overview

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Every year, hundreds of businesses go offline, and many fail, because of the limitations of widely used single-vendor disaster recovery implementations. ZeroNines has developed the patented Always Available™ method and architecture to enable real multivendor business continuity. This whitepaper outlines the Always Available architecture and places it within the context of today’s business environment.

Always Available Server

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Server consolidation and virtualization offer great savings and increased agility. Yet enterprises exponentially increase their probability of application catastrophe by performing consolidation without additional infrastructure improvements. This whitepaper describes these risks in detail and illustrates how ZeroNines Always Available architecture eliminates catastrophic risk, site risk and cutover risk in virtualized environments.

Compliance, Security and Continuity:
The Value of ZeroNines

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Audit standards for publicly held companies and the adjudication of Federal investigations of those companies have changed. These changes raise the bar and create demand for different mindsets, better processes and failsafe systems. Read the whitepaper for a look at how compliance and continuity operate together, and how ZeroNines technology helps you obtain and maintain both.

Using the Cloud to
Prevent Data Disasters

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Many businesses that move to the cloud are reinvesting their savings into business continuity. Their goal is to compete based on reliability and considering recent cloud outages their strategy is a good one. This short whitepaper makes a case against failover and explains the importance of the Expendable Datacenter℠ as the optimal best practice for ensuring uptime in the cloud.

Cloud Computing Observations
and the Value of CloudNines

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Cloud computing holds great promise, particularly as cloud service providers begin to offer cloud implementations under a “utility” paradigm. This whitepaper provides an in-depth look at the business realities that surround cloud computing, and demonstrates how ZERODOWN Software’s CloudNines™ product solves many of the problems that are preventing businesses from benefitting fully from the cloud.

The Disaster of
Disaster Recovery

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How disastrous is a disaster recovery that fails? Put another way, how valuable is business continuity – and why? Read this whitepaper for a look at the real costs and effects of disasters and downtime, and to find out how ZeroNines technology proactively avoids the need for cutover and recovery, enabling true business continuity.