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November 5, 2020

Partnerships: their need and power are now greater than ever

Guest blogger:
Alan Gin, President and Chief Executive Officer, ZeroDown Software

HPE has always strongly believed in the power of partnerships. And they have put those beliefs into action with one of the strongest partnership ecosystems in the industry. As a result, HPE offers you solutions that include elements from industry leaders in all the specialized aspects of your IT environment: security, virtualization, containers, and much more – all tested and proven to deliver exceptional performance on HPE edge-to-cloud platforms. In other words, HPE partners with leaders to make sure we deliver leadership solutions to respond to the challenges you face and accelerate the goals you want to transform your business.

During the course of 2020, new challenges, especially those resulting from COVID-19 have put your IT environment and your entire enterprise to the test like never before.  In many cases, the need to work from home has isolated workers from the data center and the resources they relied on to assist them with digital transformation and everyday concerns around connectivity, security, workloads, etc.

In especially critical areas like unplanned downtime, the challenges are multiplied by all the threats Mother Nature can throw at you. But while the power of what you and your workers are facing has increased dramatically, so has the ability of HPE’s committed partnerships to keep your business operating at its best on your digital transformation journey.

The HPE partnership with ZeroDown Software is an excellent case in point. Today, it represents HPE’s commitment to advance the way people live and work by helping you stay connected to your data and applications wherever they reside, while it also directly reflects HPE CEO Antonio Neri’s “here to help” approach.

Ultra high availability = Ultra high priority

Unplanned downtime is always disruptive, often panic-inducing, occasionally disastrous. That’s why maintaining ultra-high availability is an ultra-high priority for most enterprises. And that’s why HPE has partnered with ZeroDown Software to virtually eliminate downtime for any application you plan on migrating to the cloud.

Available now

Because the situation is unique and the need is immediate, HPE and ZeroDown are offering 30-day FREE trial of the Ultra High Availability (Ultra HA) software designed specifically for enterprises with Azure Stack Hub who are looking for a disaster recovery solution that also keeps applications available and operating at full efficiency and with no interruptions, regardless of what happens to any of your network facilities. Contact Travis Stultz ( for details on the trial.

Available to all

ZeroDown Software’s Ultra High Availability is non-intrusive, agentless, and hardware-agnostic for any platform. That means the solution supports any workload on any platform, virtual and/or physical, on-premises or in the cloud. Ultra HA requires no changes to your cloud- ready applications. Just as impressive, it extends and embraces your existing use of tools and technologies, including backup systems and container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes.

The patented active-active software provides ultra high availability with no single point of failure. If one node or application instance goes offline, the others continue to process. This eliminates both planned and unplanned downtime and brings to life the real ”business value” in Azure Stack Hub – production grade critical application operations.

The following list summarizes the capabilities and benefits of ZeroDown’s Ultra High Availability solution:

  • Prepares your Azure Stack Hub environment for unplanned disruptions/outages
  • Provides full business continuity and assurance for critical applications
  • Guarantees workloads are always available when needed as remote IT resources
  • Ensures application resiliency on-premises and in the cloud
  • Requires no special IT resource training.
  • Can be leveraged using existing IT admin level resources
  • Uses non-disruptive, agentless software
  • Accelerates migration for production workloads on Azure Stack Hub
  • Minimizes the risks associated with Azure Stack software and hardware upgrades

More detailed information on the impact of downtime and the important role of high availability for digital transformation is available in the following resources:

Free 30 day trial – available TODAY

Clouds go down. Your business operations shouldn’t! Find out how to make this a reality in your enterprise, while you see for yourself the impressive results you can achieve with ZeroDown’s Ultra HA software by taking advantage of our 30-day free trial. Contact Travis Stultz ( or Cody Funk ( for more information or to enroll.

Alan Gin, President and Chief Executive Officer

Alan Gin founded ZeroDown® Software in May 2000 to implement and deploy the Ultra HA Internet operating system of the new millennium. Mr. Gin led a virtual team as the Chief Architect, developing the ZeroDown Always Available™ Architecture. Prior to founding ZeroDown, Mr. Gin held numerous executive and management positions at Hitachi Data Systems, Storage Tek (now Sun/Oracle), AT&T Global Information Solutions, Wang Laboratories and Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC). He is listed in Who’s Who in the Computer Industry for his experience in designing and implementing mission-critical financial applications on controlled global area networks.