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July 12, 2017

ZeroDown® Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with Workstate

Migrating to the public cloud can be a significant challenge for organizations with existing infrastructure. Moving data and applications from legacy systems can take months and cause slowdown and service interruption.

Migration Needs Business Continuity

Downtime avoidance is an important aspect of the larger undertaking of a cloud application migration. Without it, transactions are lost in flight, potentially losing volumes of business for the migrator. ZeroDown solves this problem via their business continuity architecture. Beyond downtime concerns, many migrations involve complex application migration refactoring also. Because of Workstate’s deep experience with the entire Lift and Shift application migration life cycle, Zero Nines feels that they add significant value and will be a strong strategic partner. Together, we can integrate downtime avoidance and true business continuity into the overall application planning, execution and long-term performance needs of any client’s migration.

“Every cloud application migration is confronted with a migration step that will cause some type of downtime,” says Dennis Allio, Workstate’s Group President, Cloud Technology Services and practice lead of their Cloud Shift practice. “This downtime, whether minutes or hours, has a major impact on any business. If not managed, the cost of downtime, can become an insurmountable barrier to a migration, slowing a company’s adoption of the cloud. Our partnership with Zero Nines adds a powerful tool to our deep Code-to-Cloud migration expertise in the form of ZeroDown software. Every company is interested in a migration without downtime, and together, we now have a path to make this a reality.”

About ZERODOWN® Software and ZeroNines® Technology, Inc.

ZERODOWN® Software technology provides businesses with continuous access to their company data via their Business Continuity as a Service architecture, protecting applications, and transactions in the event of network interruptions that would normally cripple the enterprise. They make this environment accessible through their Patented Application Migration as a Service software, lowering barriers to entry on cloud applications and infrastructure by eliminating downtime and replay issues inherent in other cloud migration systems. ZERODOWN® breaks away from traditional disaster recovery by empowering organizations of any size with new business continuity standard: virtually unbroken continuous uptime, delivered in and easy to manage, instantly deployable multi-cloud package via AMaaS® Migration. ZeroNines’ technology leverages and maximizes customers’ current processing and storage infrastructure by operating agnostically across multiple platforms, thereby shifting the paradigm to true multi-cloud with one-click, containerized migration and deployment. ZERODOWN® offers proprietary BCaaS™ architecture information security and availability solutions. For further information, please visit:

About Workstate

Workstate is a national software services company, with home offices in Columbus, OH. As seasoned technologists, Workstate offers nothing less than the highest quality, carefully vetted outcome for every project, every deliverable. Their Code-to-Cloud solution, part of their overall Cloud Shift practice, focuses on helping companies with the challenge of moving applications to a cloud environment. Providing insightful, reliable guidance and practical roadmaps for application migration, Workstate takes on each client’s unique project as if it were their own, ensuring the smoothest pathway to success. For further information, please visit:

For further information, please visit:

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