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August 9, 2018

ZeroDown® Software named CIO Review 20 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers – 2018

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Zen and the Art of Cloud Migration

When it comes to cloud migration, be it SMBs or large enterprises, figuring out how to migrate applications to the cloud without causing major disruptions to the business can present a massive obstacle. This is because the real issue is often the business risk associated with not being able to fully comprehend the actual costs incurred due to disruptions (planned and unplanned) caused by migration itself. Only a computing mastermind who is inherently adept at cloud technologies can deliver a solution to this dynamic problem. With a prominent clientele that includes Dell and Verizon, enter ZeroDown Software, whose patented solution eliminates downtime risks, enabling IT organizations to accelerate migration of their workloads and data safely while maintaining full business assurance.

“We pave the last mile of the real cloud journey with peace of mind for customers so that they are ready to embrace their migration challenges,” asserts Alan Gin, the founder of ZeroDown Software. The company recites an interesting mantra of “We drive migrations that drive consumption” which ultimately reflects their deep determination to assist customers in the complex process of migration. To sum up their mission, ZeroDown Software empowers organizations of any size to complete a rapid journey to the cloud by minimizing risk to their business applications and services. Moreover, their software is agentless, non-intrusive, and hardware-agnostic which makes it easy-to-install and operate on any  cloud platform.

Ever since the company’s inception in the year 2000, ZeroDown Software has maintained a singular focus on “a world without downtime,” protecting customers’ critical applications and getting them up and running at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery and high availability solutions. ZeroDown Software employs a patented multi-synchronization technology that allows for multiple active-active sites or zones, removing the need to create a separate recovery site. This means that, in today’s cloud-enabled world of lift and shift migrations, ZeroDown’s Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS™) now provides the shift that is lacking in traditional DRaaS and Backup solutions, ensuring that no transactions are lost during cross-over. This unique offering is perfectly attuned to accelerate Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack consumption because it eliminates the downtime and sync-up issues typically encountered when moving from one environment to another, reducing the obstacles to cloud adoption at the level of each individual workload.

We pave the last mile of the real cloud journey with peace of mind for customers so that they are ready to embrace their migration challenges

ZeroDown’s business continuity system also serves to enable true multi-cloud operations, eradicating the need to take customers offline by enabling active-active availability across numerous sites and even mixed or hybrid cloud environments. This allows enterprises to operate their applications in active-active mode from their source environment to a target Cloud Service Provider (CSP), or across different cloud platforms such as AWS, Oracle, Azure Stack, and Azure. “It works just like it says in the manual” Gin explains with a smile. ZeroDown’s Always Available™ synchronization technology facilitates all transactions, data exchanges, and other network activities to occur equally and simultaneously in real time. This eliminates single points of failure and involves no server hierarchy. Live transactions are synched and replicated in all protected locations, thereby facilitating ongoing business continuity for applications deployed to Azure or Azure Stack for instance. “We are seeing a high demand for HA for Azure Stack-to-Azure Stack across geographies by Telco’s and large enterprises.”

Gin paints a clearer picture of his organization’s unique approach as he recounts the story of how their software is assisting ZenVault Medical, a web-based personal health records portal that has 1000s of online customers. Initially, the client had identified deployment and migration risks and was skeptical about the safety of their mission-critical processes, applications, and data. ZeroDown Software resolved these doubts by offering cloud migration in pre-planned, repeatable stages. To start with, the software was utilized to build just one cloud node in AWS, and then the same steps were used over again to add subsequent ones in another AWS zone and then a third in Azure for a higher level of redundancy. Ever since then and for almost a decade, ZenVault’s customers have enjoyed 24×7 continuous accesses to their data with no interruption of service allowing ZenVault to focus on delighting their customers with no negative impact  to revenues.

The future seems to be exciting for ZeroDown Software as they have deployed their solution to assist large telecom providers migrate their applications from on-prem to on-prem private cloud and from on-prem private to public cloud. The company has an Azure Stack pipeline in Southeast Asia and is also planning to expand into other verticals, industries, and regions across the globe.

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