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March 24, 2017

ZeroDown® Software Partners With Alauda to Streamline One-Click Business Continuity

One of the most significant hurdles in enterprise cloud adoption has been the logistical issue of migration – a task that necessitates moving massive amounts of data securely: even at saturation, moving existing data from traditional infrastructure can take months and cause slowdown and service interruption, the severity of which necessarily scales with the data involved in day to day operation. Naturally, companies with existing infrastructure haven’t been keen on the idea despite the cost and operational advantages of services like AWS and Azure.

ZeroDown Software, in Partnership With, is working to bring one-click, containerized cloud migration, deployment, and business continuity into the mainstream. They have successfully integrated ZeroDown’s IP-based Business-Continuity-as-a-Service architecture with Alauda’s Container Services to achieve Disaster Avoidance, Downtime Prevention, and application migration across multiple synchronized instances with a single click. The combined solution is platform agnostic, offering true Multi-Cloud support for critical infrastructure, and convenient deployment from the smallest to the largest applications.

“We’ve taken this great Service [ZeroDown BCaaS] and made it deployable anywhere, with a single click. What you get is full business continuity across any infrastructure, for any containerized workload. We’re proud to be the ones to deliver it.” – Kai Chen, Co-founder/CTO,

ZeroDown Software bases their entire suite of technologies & services around full business continuity and (surprise) zero downtime operation. Their migration tool not only prevents service interruption during migration, but synchronizes incoming transactions once the application(s) and data are transferred, preventing any potential consensus issues between each node in the network of servers it allows you to set up – which brings us to the other massive advantage of the ZERODOWN migration system – the ability to run concurrent, redundant application nodes on heterogeneous hardware and cloud platforms seamlessly within their ecosystem, with full business continuity – a practice they are fast making the industry standard.

Alauda is at the forefront of empowering professionals in software and IT, with a razor focus on delivering DevOps best practices and Continuous Innovation capabilities. offers Container-as-a-Service to transform existing infrastructures into modern container platforms. They offer a unified experience for managing any containerized application across any infrastrcture. By adding ZeroDown’s Software Offerings to their Container Services, they’re providing their customers with the most complete and robust zero-downtime migration and multi-cloud management solutions currently available. In addition, by providing the one-click deployment, management and migration experience, they are effectively providing ZeroDown’s unique offerings in a manner not available anywhere else.

About ZeroDown® Software and ZeroNines® Technology, Inc.

ZeroDown® Software technology provides businesses with continuous access to their company data via their Business Continuity as a Service architecture, protecting applications, and transactions in the event of network interruptions that would normally cripple the enterprise. They make this environment accessible through their Patented Application Migration as a Service software, lowering barriers to entry on cloud applications and infrastructure by eliminating downtime and replay issues inherent in other cloud migration systems. ZeroDown breaks away from traditional disaster recovery by empowering organizations of any size with new business continuity standard: virtually unbroken continuous uptime, delivered in and easy to manage, instantly deployable multi-cloud package via AMaaS™ Migration. ZeroNines’ technology leverages and maximizes customers’ current processing and storage infrastructure by operating agnostically across multiple platforms, thereby shifting the paradigm to true multi-cloud with one-click, containerized migration and deployment. ZeroDown offers proprietary BCaaS™ architecture information security and availability solutions.

Certain statements in this press release may be viewed as forward looking or speculative and therefore include certain risks such as the anticipated adoption rate of new cloud technologies as mentioned herein, the cost and challenges involved in significant cloud offerings and deployment strategies, and the inherent longer sales cycles associated with larger projects.

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