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November 15, 2017

ZeroDown® Software Provides Business Continuity and Assurance for Microsoft Azure Stack

ZeroDown’s Business Continuity software for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments now available on Azure Stack through syndication.

Marketplace Syndication allows companion technologies from Microsoft Azure Marketplace to be ported to Microsoft Azure Stack with the click of a button. Now users have access to ZeroDown’s software which significantly reduces application migration cycle time directly from the Azure Marketplace public cloud catalog and rapidly deploy it to your Azure Stack implementation. The software is suitable for operation in a mixed, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud environment with nodes that may span multiple locations and environments from the traditional data center, to on-premises private cloud implementations and off-premises public clouds.

ZeroDown’s patented and unique technology introduces true business continuity to hybrid cloud environments. It provides the capability to process active-active critical applications in multiple availability zones ensuring that applications are up and running continuously across different clouds or platforms. All application instances are hot, making everything equally and simultaneously available across multiple locations in real time. If one instance goes down, the others will continue to function with no customer impacts, eliminating any operational or organizational disruptions. Since live transactions are being synched up continuously, the state of a transaction as it is processed is replicated in all protected locations. This delivers the optimal business continuity solution for Azure Stack deployments surpassing traditional disaster recovery (DR) methodologies that rely on copy and move of data and business continuity (BC) restoration processes from a separate location.

“Azure Stack syndication for Business Continuity clears away the two most significant hurdles to rapid cloud consumption: the perceived risks of cloud migration and the delays caused when moving operations to a new IT environment,” said Alan Gin, ZeroNines co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Now it’s easy to make the leap, secure in the knowledge that business continuity is assured and immediately available. The syndication of these companion technologies mean that we are doubling down on Microsoft’s message that hybrid cloud minimizes the risk of losing critical services due to downtime.” He added with a smile, “If I had a megaphone, the message to enterprises still holding back would be loud and clear: YOU CAN MOVE YOUR CRITICAL WORKLOADS NOW! It really is safe to roam around the clouds with full business assurance.”

Eric Burkholder, Senior Program Manager, Cloud Ecosystem Engagement – Azure Stack at Microsoft Corp. added, “ZeroDown® provides an immediate pathway to Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack by delivering rapid migration and deployment with full business assurance.  ZeroDown’s solution allows applications and transactions to run synchronously across multiple platforms, enabling enterprise customers to move their critical business applications to true multi-cloud environments with zero disruption and no data loss.” 

Deploying ZeroDown’s software is very straightforward. It can be purchased on a pay as you need basis from the Azure marketplace here:

ZeroDown Software BCaaS

About ZERODOWN® Software and ZeroNines® Technology, Inc.

ZERODOWN® Software technology provides businesses with continuous access to their company data via their Business Continuity as a Service™ architecture, protecting applications, and transactions in the event of network interruptions that would normally cripple the enterprise. They make this environment accessible through their patented Application Migration as a Service software, lowering barriers to entry on cloud applications and infrastructure by eliminating downtime and replay issues inherent in other cloud migration systems. ZERODOWN® breaks away from traditional disaster recovery by empowering organizations of any size with a new business continuity standard: virtually unbroken continuous uptime, delivered in an easy to manage, instantly deployable multi-cloud package. ZeroNines’ technology leverages and maximizes customers’ current processing and storage infrastructure by operating agnostically across multiple platforms, thereby shifting the paradigm to true multi-cloud deployment with business assurance. For further information, please visit:

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Try ZeroDown Migration on Azure Marketplace here:

ZeroDown Software BCaaS

For further information, please visit:

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