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May 1, 2019

ZeroDown® Software Announces New Growth Opportunities for Cloud Service Providers and Enterprises to Accelerate Cloud Adoption by Leading with Business Assurance

ZeroDown® Software, the leader in High Availability solutions for applications running in private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, today announced the launch of its “Cloud Fast” program for committed Cloud Service Providers and Systems Integrators looking to accelerate cloud adoption and drive profitable consumption. The new Quick Start capabilities delivered with ZeroDown’s Always Available™ software provide a fast and secure method to pin-up and test drive applications immediately in Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, and more.

ZeroDown Software’s patented high availability architecture empowers organizations of any size to move their applications to private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments with zero downtime. By enabling active-active availability across multiple sites or zones, ZeroDown’s solution cuts downtime to zero while keeping workloads available and transaction-complete before, during and after migration. This adds an essential safety net to customers’ cloud journeys, eliminating risks such as single points of failure and data loss. In the event of an outage, the user’s session automatically moves to a mirrored active instance with full transaction integrity, providing unique failover or fallback capabilities for app migration and beyond with business assurance.

How does this serve to accelerate cloud adoption? The “Cloud Fast” program is designed to leverage ZeroDown’s unique HA architecture to provide organizations with a quick and low risk way to get their applications up and running on the cloud platform of their choice. Abandoning the waterfall methodology of deep discovery, analysis and planning that typically characterizes cloud migration, the new approach provides a shortcut to get into any cloud right away. The customer can literally ‘test drive’ within the new environment, eliminating tedious trials and research, while gaining valuable time to market.

The advantages of this approach is that it takes the guesswork out of cloud deployments and avoids customers fears of getting locked into long-term commitments before they have had the opportunity to assess its impacts. Questions such as ‘How much will it really cost me?’ and ‘How will my workloads perform in the new environment?’ now come with more immediate and demonstrable answers. From a position of knowledge and strength, the customer can do their own analytics and discovery while planning their permanent moves. The ability to failover apps or fallback to the original environment means that they do not have to cross a threshold of no return, because it’s never too late (or too costly) to go back.

“We are delighted to bring this winning solution to the cloud marketplace,” said Alan Gin, ZeroDown Software co-founder and CEO. “One criticism of Cloud First as a strategy has been that, using a block move or ‘lift-and-shift’ migration, it had the potential to send customers blindly down the wrong implementation path. Without any back-pedaling or paralysis analysis, ‘Cloud Fast’ brings fresh capabilities and focus to Cloud First by enabling companies to lean-in with high availability. With this solution, our partners and their customers get to test applications quickly and see how they perform as the very first step in making data-driven decisions on cloud adoption and consumption. IT leaders also have a seamless way to ensure uptime for cloud-enabled workloads, providing long-term business assurance. A modernization of business application migration at its best.”

Lee Murray, CEO and Founder of Triangulate, a strategic partner in EMEA, commented: “ZeroDown® adds unique high availability capabilities to our specialties in migrating applications, legacy applications, and server workloads to the cloud. The HA solution will enable our partners (CSPs, Systems Integrators and ISVs) to accelerate enterprise application cloud adoption…we look forward to customers taking full advantage of a [rapid] and reliable pathway to hybrid cloud.”

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